Donna Karan fashion week review spring 2015 Credit: Getty Images

Quintessential New York designer

Donna Karan is literally “painting the town with urban chic” for spring, daubing canvas-like poplin skirts and light-as-air organza dresses with Jean Basquiat doodles and graffiti-like scrawls. Street art has really energized the designer, who sent out a confident,sexy collection that strikes the right balance between working city gal and globe-trotting eccentric.

Draped red jersey dresses clung in all the right places, high-waisted pants were worn with structured bra tops (which Karan dubbed “the new body suit”), and
belted shirtdresses had rolled-up sleeves. Stealing the show, however, were the hilariously tall straw chapeaux by milliner Stephen Jones, which made Pharrell’s hat look like child’s play.