Anyone looking forward to cavorting with the spirits this Halloween at the Don Jail is going to be disappointed.

A partner at event planning company Slingshot Inc. announced yesterday that a run of special events and tours it had hoped to host at the historic facility will not happen.

The Don Jail is owned by Bridgepoint Health, and construction is to begin this fall to make it part of the adjacent hospital facility.

“We had a contract with Bridgepoint, signed by their CEO and vetted by their law firm … We left that meeting saying, ‘Great, everything is a go,’” to hold corporate events and daily tours until the end of October, said Slingshot’s Chris MacKechnie.

In a news release, Mac-Kechnie said he believed Bridgepoint had “jumped the gun” and signed without the consent of the leaseholder, Ontario Realty Corp.

That prompted ORC to put a stop to the events, MacKechnie said.

“I think there is an impression that ORC came in and cancelled the events,” said ORC’s Julia Sakas.

“That is definitely not the case. From our point of view, the licensing agreement was not in place.”

On May 26, a day after the contract was to come into effect, MacKechnie said Bridgepoint told Slingshot that it could not use the facility to host events.

Meanwhile, MacKechnie said that close to 1,000 tickets for daily tours of the historic jailhouse, including “ghost tours,” had been pre-sold, most during May’s citywide Doors Open event. Bridgepoint is honouring those tickets.