The door is still open for the southwest leg of the ring road if the province and city are interested, said the chief of the Tsuu T’ina Nation yesterday.

Chief Sandford Big Plume said the referendum was just a stumbling block and that they are still willing to work out a deal, but they won’t be initiating it.

“I’m leaving the door open as council directed me to,” said Big Plume. “If they feel this is something very important to (Premier Ed Stelmach’s) Conservative government, then I’m available.”

Big Plume said the nation is not asking for more money or land, but that the referendum was voted down on June 30 because of the wording of the agreement.

The agreement spoke of a land swap, Big Plume said, but this was not guaranteed, and he added that the language used should have been more definite.

While Tsuu T’ina is leaving the door open, both the province and city are saying the deal is dead.
Transportation Minister Luke Ouellette said the province is already exploring other options.

“The premier was awfully clear yesterday in that we wouldn’t be renegotiating and we will be moving ahead,” Ouellette said.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said it is time to respect the “no” decision voters made.

“They have said that preservation of the reserve in its present state is their priority,” said Bronconnier. “I respect that. I also know that Calgarians want us to move forward and deal with the traffic chaos that exists on Glenmore Trail.”

Bronconnier said this includes moving forward on the 37 Street and Glenmore interchange that council unanimously voted to explore on Monday.

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