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Dopff & Irion, Chateau de Riquewihr


Crustaces 2005

Who: Dopff & Irion, Chateau de Riquewihr

What: Crustaces 2005

Where: Alsace AC, France

Why: This is a great intro into classic white Alsatian style, from families that know what they’re talking about. The Dopff and Irion families have been working the vineyards of the town of Riquewihr since the 17th century (that’s the Renaissance people!). Crustaces is a dry, crisp, minerally blend of Sylvaner, Auxerrois Blanc and Pinot Blanc. Green apple and grapefruit waft through this light bodied sipper, ending with a clean, citrus finish.

How (much): $16.09 BCLS

When: With Shellfish! Try simply prepared dishes, accented with lemon and fresh herbs.

Winespeak of the Week: Auxerrois Blanc [awk-sehr-WAH BLAHN ] is a white wine grape grown primarily in France’s Alsace region, and has also seen positive results in B.C. (Gray Monk Winery does a lovely Aux.). Auxerrois Blanc produces a high acid, dry wine with a light musky floral and citrus aroma, and is often used in blends. Watch out for naming confusion — Malbec can also be referred to as Auxerrois, and Pinot Gris can be called Auxerrois Gris.