One of Edmonton’s newest mayoral candidates stepped up to the proverbial plate yesterday morning at Enterprise Square, heading a press conference introducing himself to the public.

David Dorward, a chartered accountant and business owner, is looking forward to pitching an open door policy as part of his campaign.

Part of Dorward’s platform is focused on examining the city’s expenditures and making adjustments to conserve tax dollars.

“I am very concerned about fiscal management," said Dorward.

“We want to reduce expenditure, but not necessarily reduce services."

Dorward is keen to be noticed as a strong, visible presence in the community. With a long history of community involvement and volunteer work, Dorward may capture the support of community minded voters with his involvement in the GO Community Centre.

When asked about his stand on the City Centre Airport development issue, Dorward hesitated to give his own opinion, but rather repeated he would stand by the decision Edmontonians will make in the upcoming plebiscite.

“I as the mayor will do what the people want me to do about it”, said Dorward.