Carling Avenue could look a lot more like Preston Street, if Clive Doucet is elected mayor.

Part of Doucet’s strategy for helping small businesses is to “redo” city streets to make them more business and family-friendly.

“If a street is ratty and unpleasant businesses don’t succeed,” said Doucet. “Carling is ratty and unpleasant, my first measure will be to rebuild Carling to the Preston model.”

Doucet wants to run a $600-million electric light-rail line down Carling Avenue, while also widening the sidewalks and planting more trees and putting in nicer streetlights.

Businesses would also have an easier time doing simple transactions with the city with a one-page registration form for small patios and a guaranteed 60-day turnaround time.

“It should not take six months to get a vegetable stand or a patio on a street corner,” he said.

“We should be able to do that quickly and easily and cheaply for the business.”

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