Tourists may be flocking to Drumheller to witness the wealth of ancient dinosaur bones, but another rural Alberta archaeological site is raising eyebrows these days.

I was just a tad apprehensive on my way out to the middle of nowhere somewhere near Wainright, Alta., I think, to visit the even smaller and even more out-of-the-way tiny hamlet of Bodo. The official population base is listed at “about 27 people.” This place makes Moose Jaw seem like a metropolis.

Not long after arriving in the flat, almost desert-like terrain, I was struck by the history, and the unique hands-on experience of uncovering that history.

More and more tourists are flocking here to get there hands dirty at an ancient Native burial ground.


Just a five-minute drive from the town, if you want to call it that, is the beautiful and unique Bodo Sandhills. The mosquitos were pretty unbearable, but I forgot about my 900 or so bites when we actually had a chance to dig at a large ancient buffalo kill site.

This is the exact area where First Nations people trapped and killed their food, hundreds of years ago, and all around is the evidence. Just a few inches under the ground are thousands and thousands of well-preserved Bison bones.

What makes Bodo so great is that it allows the stunned layman to at least pretend he’s a great explorer and famous archaeologist.

Other things to do

  • Tee off at the Wainright Golf Club: A great 18-hole golf course with a first class club house for dining.

  • Take a day tour from Canmore: See the Rockies in style or take in picturesque Lake Louise.

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