Meet Dr. Evan Antin, People's "sexy pet vet." Credit Instagram, @dr.evanantin

Dr. Evan Antin, a veterinarian working at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, has a way with animals, and apparently with his followers on Instagram.

Antin, 31, who grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and went to vet school at Colorado State University has been given the title of “Sexiest Veterinarian Alive,” according to People magazine. He also has been given the nickname “Sexy Pet Vet.”

Aside from taking care of and operating on pets ranging from pigs to lizards, he also does a video series for People magazine that shows viewers his daily activities at the animal hospital.

Dr. Antin is also a hit on social media. He currently has close to 900K followers on Instagram.  He usually posts pictures or videos from the animal hospital and lets his fans know interesting facts about his furry patients. Sometimes he’ll share a video about a surgical procedure he is performing, or there will be a photo of him posing with a cute puppy or kitten. There’s a little something for everyone.


While many of his followers appear to be genuine animal lovers, a large chunk are also fans of his good looks.

To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of some of his hottest (and most adorable) moments from his Instagram page.





#Cantbelievethishappened I am SO thankful for getting to be a part of the conservation efforts for the Green Sea Turtles hosted by @earthwatch ?? in collaboration with @maliburumus ? Did you know #GreenSeaTurtles grow up to be the 2nd largest sea turtle in the world behind the massive #leatherback? And they can live up to 400 years? And hold there breath underwater for up to 8 hours!? Sadly, sea turtle populations are dwindling because it takes them decades to reach sexual maturity and only about 1% of hatchlings survive to adulthood. Keeping tabs on these juvies is extremely important if we want to conserve the species and I'm endlessly thankful for organizations that help #willdife in need! #becausesummer #ad

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Here's another fun pic from my shoot with @basic_magazine recently. Thank you @mariuszjeglinski for capturing this special moment! Isn't this #reticulatedpython I'm wrapped up in a stunna! Did you know #retics grow up to be the longest snake in the world!?? Almost 10 meters!...I've caught a few in the wilds of #southeastasia but only juvies, <2 meters. They're non-venomous but have epic constricting abilities and that's how they subdue their prey items. Like all snakes, retics don't have ears but they do have another amazing sense...the ability to sense heat! Being often active at night they use the heat signature of potential meals (birds, lizards, mammals, fish) to find them ? Thanks again @priscilla_jocelynh for letting us play ? And scope out her page if you're a reptile fan like myself ??? #basicmagazine #snake #oldworld #exotics #wildlife #dontbeafraidofsnakesplease! #appreciatethem #theyaremoreafraidofYOUbtw #happyhumpday

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#pelfiewednesday How come puppies wanna be all over me until I break out the camera phone!? #puppy #ridiculous #happyhumpday

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#jungle #riverbridge #hangingbridge #bohol #philippines #seasia

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86 deg F & Sunny & February...#californiawinter #skimboard #beachday #dayoff

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Do you want to be a vet!? PLEASE go scope out my latest YouTube video entitled "You can be a Veterinarian!" I posted this recently on FB but now it will live on YouTube too (link in my bio). I get asked EVERYDAY by a lot of you guys and I wish I had the time to respond personally to each and every one of you but this is my next best way to share with you all my thoughts and personal experience on the matter. It's a tough road for sure but there's no price on pursuing your dreams...Well maybe some school debt and a poor debt:income ratio but that's another story albeit relevant if you're serious about pursuing this career path. Anywho, I think this can really help direct some of you and the best of luck to any career/life/personal goals anybody seeing this may have! #hardworkpaysoffs #workhardplayhard #followyourheart #animals #vetmed #veterinary #thispuppywasnothavinit #stillfreakinadorablethoright!?

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Who's #humpday couldn't be a little better with a #puppybelly!??? I don't get the pleasure of seeing absurdly cute puppies like this everyday but it's always a pleasant break from the intensity of challenging medicine and surgery patients ? And also worth mentioning what amazing dogs pitbulls are! Loyal, sweet, and almost always gentle dogs with the right, loving upbringing. And I've met countless pit bulls that have had extremely abusive pasts and STILL would never hurt a fly! Did you know it's the toy breeds (i.e. Chihuahuas like my "Henry" boy) that want to bite me far more often than pits?? Fortunately, their biteforce is minimal whereas pits/staffies can crunch at 200-300 psi (pounds per square inch)! Some big boofy muscle-headed pits even more ? it's only rare cases of pitbulls that give the breed a bad name because most are truly special dogs ? #ilovepitbulls #pelfiewednesday #pelfie #vet #veterinary #pitbull #pitpuppy #belly #loveit #vetmed #babypit #WHOLOVESTHEIRPIT!? @conejovet

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If you suddenly have an interest in a career change and want to become a veterinarian, don't worry, Dr. Antin has you covered. He recently posted a video to his YouTube channel giving some quick tips on what it takes to become a veterinarian.

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