photos by catherine barr


Celebrity drag queens Drew “De De” Dickinson, left, and Robert “Joan-E” Kaiser, who can be seen in Nia Vardalos’ Connie And Carla movie, walk the red carpet at The Majestic.


Grammy-award winning musician Sarah McLachlan and her Music Outreach (Arts Umbrella) program hit a high note last week thanks to producer Jeff Dawson and friends. The second annual Vancouver Music Industry (VMI) golf tournament and gala, held at the Kingston Tap House, featured stunning auction items, like autographed guitars by The Police and Nickelback, and live entertainment by up-and-coming local musicians. And while they were making music uptown, downtown on Davie they were dancing the night away at the opening of The Majestic. Formerly known as the Fresgo Inn, this revamped lounge and eaterie rolled out the red carpet complete with live entertainment and a feast fit for a queen ... or two.

Watch out Paris Hilton. Vancouver queen Carlotta Gurl, here at The Majestic opening, owns the red carpet in this town.

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Robyn Graves, left, and Mandy Kamp vogue at The Majestic opening.

Vancouver activist and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) supporter Barb Snelgrove, centre, ensures the night doesn’t drag on at The Majestic.

Drummer Dan Swinimer, left, and vocalist Jason Wilkinson, who are also part of the group Superbeing, rock the tap house at the VMI gala.

Vancouver indie-rockers and brothers Andrew, left, and Mike Twining, of the band Fully Loaded, show why they’re climbing the charts at the VMI gala.

Discovered last year at the David Foster Star Search, singer Che Dorval, left, and guitarist Marlow Holder perform live at the VMI gala.

Vancouver Pride Society president John Boychuk, left, and Pride director Idris Hudson gear up for the start of Pride Week (June 30) at The Majestic.

Vancouver Dogwood Monarchist Society’s Empress 35 (2006-07), Jaylene Tyme, dresses in the theme of things at the opening of The Majestic.

Ribbon acrobats Caara Cridland, left, and Samantha Hall of Westcoast Contortion at The Majestic.

A flowing champagne fountain keeps Majestic supervisor/server David Williams busy topping up glasses.