Edmonton’s success on the ice and football field is well documented. But a group of local paddlers are hoping to play their own part in City of Champions lore.

An Edmonton dragon boat club will be representing the city in the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival in Malaysia, and in the Club Crew World Championships in Macau a few days later.

“We tried to qualify (for the Club Crew Championships) back in 2007 and were not successful that year,”? said Mike Yee, one of the paddlers heading to the competitions. “So it’s been a goal of ours for the last few years to try and qualify.”

Two teams, one mixed and one open, will be heading over for the first competition on July 24, but Yee said the Club Crew Championships in Macau mean the most to the local paddlers.

“I think the nature of the Club Crew Championships places a higher importance for us,” he said, “simply because it’s more well-known and more established, and it’s been a goal of ours to qualify for them.”

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