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Drake taking care of business

Drake’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Take Care, hit the web earlier this week.

Drake’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Take Care, hit the web earlier this week.

“Are these people really discussin’ my career again, asking if I be going platinum in a year again?” he asks in the lead-off track, Over My Dead Body.

Well, yes, they are, because the Canadian rapper has talent on the mic. He combines venomous taunts with philosophical gems like “Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time,” and, “You lose some, you win some, as long as the outcome is income.” And yeah, both of these pearls are in that same first track.

Take Care will most likely end with an outcome of income, as it has guest stars galore that run the gamut from soul legends (Stevie Wonder lends his signature harmonica to Doing it Wrong) to guests that pop music powers-that-be would probably fine you if you didn’t use somewhere, such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne.

When Drake is rapping, he gets to the point fast and his rhymes are often loaded with as many thoughts per minute as any vintage Dylan song, but the songs on Take Care are spacious, and one, Marvin’s Room, Buried Alive even clocks in at more than eight minutes. He is also impressively smooth when he is singing.

The beats are tight, and the chorus hooks are spot-on, but the one-liners are really the biggest highlights of this album.

Our favourite?

“You ain’t the only one that’s trying to be the only one,” he says in We’ll Be Fine.

The only thing that is jarring on Take Care is when Drake changes the mood entirely. A song like Practice, will start as a smooth R&B jam, but then out of nowhere Drake will drop a line like, “Girl, you look good, why don’t you back that ass up?”

Well, this approach has probably worked for Drake in his romantic practice, and it will probably work for him in his career too.

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