If you ask Susan Stone and Glenn Hebron, they are going to win the Stampede lottery dream home.

The duo bought tickets for the beautiful home Monday and they plan on buying more tickets for other prizes, like the Camaro, this week.

“We found a penny on the ground today and thought it could be good luck so here we are buying tickets,” Stone said.

Stampede Lotteries chair Shane Simmons said the lotteries are a popular draw each year and says this year’s prize line-up is dream-worthy.

“The prizes are great and the feedback has been really positive,” he said.

“We have some new prizes this year and for the first time we have a hybrid car to win, too.”
Daylene Boyd doesn’t think she will win the home but said she doesn’t mind spending the money.

“It’s more of a donation because it goes to charity and the chances are winning are slim, but at least it’s a good cause,” she said.

“We plan on buying more tickets but who knows,” she added.

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