Many have hard time finding an outfit for office





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Here are examples of the office appropriate attire that Robin Keeler and her consultants would recommend.

Take a good look around at your co-workers.According to a recent Ipsos Reid survey, one in four of them may have complained about the way you dress.

Their griping might not be totally unfounded either. Nearly half of Ontarians surveyed admit they have a hard time dressing for work. Robin Keeler is the fashion director at Yorkdale Mall and she can sympathize. Theres a lot of confusion out there, she said. Our consultants are hearing a lot of ëI dunno what to wear to work anymore!

With our mornings shorter and our wardrobes bigger, choosing an appropriate work outfit is harder than ever. Office dress codes are also much more dubious now and Keeler says that employers need to communicate more specific guidelines. Its a really touchy, sensitive subject and a lot of people just dont deal with it, she explained.

Keeler is now offering corporate fashion seminars with Yorkdale Mall and with years of fashion experience under her chic belt, she has plenty of advice for the wardrobe-challenged.

One way to improve how you dress is to improve how you shop. Because many people aimlessly shop without a specific plan, they are left with bulging closets but still nothing to wear. Its not about quantity, she said. Its about buying the right things.

Keeler recommends assembling outfits beforehand and photographing them for those mornings when youre running behind. Keeping an arsenal of good accessories can also be the ticket to saving a look.

Spend as much as you can and buy the best you can afford, Keeler said. Accessories really make a statement about you and they finish your whole look.

Vertical dressing will also make you appear taller, leaner and more powerful. Elongate the line by not chopping yourself in half, Keeler recommended. Dress in monochromatic tones and in one unbroken line.

As for office attire no nos, scuffed shoes will drag down any look, no matter how polished or expensive.

Keeler also says that a lot of younger women these days dress like theyre hitting the club rather than the office cubicle. A lot of girls tell me they want to look sexy, and I just think ëOhhh, you dont need to, she said.

And while a snazzy work ensemble alone wont make you successful, nine out of ten people surveyed do think it helps. Keeler also warns that dressing inappropriately could have more serious repercussions than just turning you into gossip mill fodder.

A proper wardrobe alone wont get you a promotion, but dressing inappropriately could cost you one.

Workplace fashion faults

Top five office attire faux pas, according to Robin Keeler:

  1. Tacky cheap fabrics, especially ones that are overly shiny or wrinkle easily.

  2. Cutesy and overly-whimsical apparel. Leave the polka dot bows at home.

  3. Extremely flamboyant and colourful attire (“No. Just no,” says Keeler).

  4. Excessive fragrance or wacky nail art.

  5. Improper undergarments. No bulges, no bumps and definitely no panty lines. “The foundation needs to be right,” Keeler insists.