Sir, please step away from that same (untucked) striped shirt and pair of jeans you rolled into last year’s holiday party wearing.

Not only was that look never really in style (sorry), but with a continued focus on classic looks this winter, “if you look good, then you’ll get laid!” laughs Melissa Austria, founder of Toronto lifestyle store GotStyle Menswear.

Seriously, though, in an unceasingly image-conscious society, Austria asks, “If it only takes a little bit more of an effort, why wouldn’t you try to look a little bit better?” But to be the toast under the mistletoe, you don’t need to blow your whole holiday bonus (if such a thing still exists). For holiday season soirées, Austria recommends two key closet additions: a white, slim-fit, French cuff shirt and a tuxedo jacket.

Remember, when choosing an accent colour, Austria says purple is the new pink. But if these tools don’t finish the job themselves, here’s her environment-specific advice:

Work Parties
“When you dress too casual for a work function, it sends off the wrong message,” says Austria, “Because your boss is still going to be there, you still want to have a bit of formality.” A suit or blazer combination is a must, she says, tie optional.

Family Functions
Since you’re around the people who know you best, Austria encourages striking a balance between casual and smart. “A sweater and shirt combination is a nice look,” she says, “You can still dress up a sweater and shirt by putting a knit tie with it.”

Social Festivities
“You want to be a little funkier, in a sense, because you never know what friends are going to be there and you might meet somebody new,” says Austria. She suggests a simple collared shirt and vest for comfort with style.