Victoria Day weekend is a uniquely Canadian kind of holiday. Summer is just around the corner and we’ve emerged from our winter slumber. It’s also not deadly hot yet, but there is a good possibility some of you will read this before hopping in the car and sitting on the deck at a cottage someplace.

The weekend also is recognized for the pivotal role of a cold brewski. Odds are more than one of you will down a couple of frosty brown pops this weekend, and could be you will also be near some kind of speaker, blasting some kind of tunes.

Metro has outlined for you three songs for some particularly Canadian spots as you celebrate this upcoming long weekend.

No. 1: Motoring along in the vehicle, en route to the cottage, the friend’s cottage, the campground, wherever. Depending on distance, you might get through 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and still have plenty of time left.

If you want to get the party started and have booze as part of your theme, Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis is a fitting starter. Liam Gallagher’s wails about “looking for some action/but all I found was cigarettes and alcohol” can be played at any time really, although the lyrics may be less intelligible depending on what point in the weekend this track gets played.

No. 2: The next song on your list should be One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by John Lee Hooker, although I first heard it in my younger days as performed by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. This could either be on your stereo as you’re entertaining at the cottage, but is just as likely to be found on the jukebox at the lakeside pub. This celebrates not just beer, but other options for you to savour into the wee hours of a Saturday night bender.

No. 3: Sunday morning. Mouth like cottonballs, where’s the Gatorade? Music will wake me up. Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash. Breakfast: Greasy eggs and sausage? Hair of the dog? Let’s do hair of the dog. You’ll all have your own playlists, but one would assume a couple of these are already in there. Have a cold one for me and enjoy Victoria Day everybody!

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