Everyone is panicking about global recession, but you can cut the cost of your motoring bill by making some really easy changes. However you get around, keep it low-cost.

1. Do you need to drive? Why not walk to the supermarket, and trade your car for a bus or bike for your daily commute?

2. If you must go by car, carpool and you can share the cost of driving with your friends.

3. Drive smoothly — braking and revving the engine use more fuel. Stick to the speed limit: Your car pollutes most at very low or high speeds.

4. Be aerodynamic: The more aerodynamic your car is the less fuel it will use, so cut drag by removing your roof rack, and closing your windows.

5. Set your tires to the correct pressure and you’ll use up to 10 per cent less fuel.

6. If you’re considering buying a car, buy the smallest and cheapest car that suits your needs. It will cost less to insure and operate.

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