“We just encourage all drivers on the road to just chill out …”

Vancouver police are urging motorists to slow down after a car crash early yesterday morning left one person dead and another seriously injured.


Street racing and alcohol may have been factors, said Insp. Andy Hobbs.

The Nissan 350 ZX was travelling at “a completely unacceptable rate of speed” when one wheel touched the curb and the driver lost control on the 2200 block of

Granville Street at 1:30 a.m., he said. “Then it skidded across the road and wrapped around a light pole.”

Police are not releasing names or personal information about the driver or the passenger, who is Vancouver’s fourth traffic fatality this month.

Hobbs said drivers often go faster in the summer, because they think road conditions are safer than winter. But speed and traffic make the streets as dangerous.

“We just encourage all drivers on the road to just chill out, have a nice summer, enjoy the nice weather,” he said.

Hobbs pointed out that drivers make bad choices and he urged passengers to be vigilant.

“If your driver is driving like an idiot, talk to the driver and make him slow down,” said Hobbs.

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