A thief who held up a cashier at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Surrey got more than French fries with his demand when a second staff member threw boiling oil in the suspect’s face.

The man walked up to the window near 96th Avenue and 160th Street on Tuesday night and, with his shirt pulled over his face, held a knife to the attendant and demanded cash.

“As the suspect was reaching in through the window attempting to grab money from the cash drawer … another staffer threw a litre of boiling oil on to the man’s face,” said Sgt. Roger Morrow.

The suspect, who had managed to grab some cash, fled on foot.

“I can’t say definitively that we will not be charging the person who threw oil in the robber’s face, but I would suggest it’s unlikely,” Morrow said. “The focus of our investigation would be on catching the person who was brandishing this weapon and robbing the fast food restaurant.”

A McDonald’s representative said he couldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

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