As a 25-year-old Toronto woman appeared in court yesterday, charged in a suspected road-rage incident that ended with a spectacular crash off a cliff into the Humber River, police investigators examined evidence beside her soggy, battered car.

A bottle of sambuca, a mickey of vodka, a crushed Tetrapack of Pinot Grigio wine and an empty beer can.

Heads are still shaking over the bizarre chase and crash that unfolded around 11:30 a.m.

Saturday, with observers wondering how the woman survived the 25-metre plunge that saw her Pontiac Bonneville flip in the air and crash upside down in almost two metres of water.

Cynthia Fromstein, lawyer for the accused woman, Ngoc Tran, 25, of west-end Toronto, said her client remains in custody and is to appear in court again tomorrow.

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