While smartphones have made it easier for workers to stay connected to the office, they may not be a good idea for every commute.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than one-half (54 per cent) of workers who have a smartphone or similar device said they check it when driving a vehicle. Comparing industries, sales workers (66 per cent) used their smartphones while driving more than any other group surveyed, followed by 59 per cent of professional and business services workers and 50 per cent of health-care workers.

Some workers admit they may be risking safety on the road to check their phones because they feel pressured to do so. Twenty-one per cent of workers say they check their mobile device every time it vibrates or beeps and 18 per cent report they are required by their company to be accessible beyond office hours via mobile device. Also, 14 per cent of workers said they feel obligated to constantly stay in touch with work because of the current tough economy.


In addition to driving, workers with smart phones said they are checking in with the office on their smart phones from virtually anywhere and everywhere, including:

• During a meal;
• On vacation;
• While in the bathroom;
• Lying in bed at night;
• On a date;
• At church;

Some advice:
• Turn off your smartphone when driving: Not only is it illegal to use your phone without a hands-free device in some provinces, but using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous to you and others on the road.
• Set priorities for outside of work: Twenty-three per cent of workers who are required to be accessible beyond office hours report that being too connected has caused issues or arguments with their friends and family.

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