Terry Naugle’s lengthy drunk-driving history could lead to a groundbreaking sentence if prosecutors get their way.

Naugle, who is from the Truro region, has 22 convictions of impaired driving or refusing a breathalyzer. He has 14 convictions for driving while barred from operating a vehicle. His record contains 32 other convictions.

His first drunk-driving conviction was in 1978. He received a $150 fine.

Convictions followed in 1980, ‘81, ‘84, ‘88, ‘89 and so on. The punishments gradually rose from 30 days in jail to two months, to 90 days to six months. Eventually, he served three-and-a-half years after a March 2006 arrest.

It was a month after serving that sentence that Naugle hit the vehicle carrying the McMillan family. He pleaded guilty to impaired driving, driving while barred from operating a vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Crown attorney Cheryl Byard read through Naugle’s entire history in court yesterday in the hopes of getting rare maximum, concurrent sentences for impaired driving and driving while barred.