If you’re reading this while driving, the Insurance Bureau of Canada would like a word with you.

As part of a provincial promotional swing to battle an increasing number of distraction based crashes, the bureau is introducing the DUMB — Distractions Undermining Motorist Behavior — car, a videogame simulator designed to show Canadian drivers that they need to think about what they’re doing while they drive.

Transportation Minister Luke Ouellette was in attendance and said that collusions are almost always avoidable and drivers need to keep it simple.

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as an accident. It’s really people not paying attention and collisions are created,” said Ouellette. “Be patient and pay attention.”

Eight out of 10 collisions in North America were directly linked to driver distraction factors such as iPods, cell phones and facial “grooming.”

Research also shows that drivers with cellphones were four times more likely to have a crash, even with a hands-free headset.

“Driving with distractions is dangerous and completely unacceptable,” said Jim Ravait, vice-president, Alberta and the North, Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The DUMB team will be making 14 stops around Alberta over the summer.