GM Goodwrench Spring
Brake Event

If your brake pedal feels different than normal or if you've noticed
any change in the way your vehicle brakes, have your brake system
inspected at your local GM Goodwrench Dealer. And for a limited time,
take advantage of the GM Goodwrench Spring Brake Event, which includes
great offers on all the essentials.

Prior to making plans for a weekend away or a road trip to visit friends this summer, consider getting your vehicle ready for higher temperatures. Here are some warm weather tips to make sure your vehicle is up to summer's challenge.

• Tire tread – measure it and inspect it. Tires with less than 1.6 mm of tire tread depth or visible treadwear indicators in three or more places should be replaced as should tires with bulges, splits or cracks.

• Check the cooling system – both hoses and radiator – for leaks. Check the coolant recovery reservoir under the hood when the engine is cold. If required, add the coolant recommended in your Owner's Manual.

• Ensure the air conditioning system is working properly - you don't want to wait until the first hot day to find out it needs service.

• Replace worn wiper blades. After months of ice and sleet, your wiper blades may not be cleaning your windshield properly. Consider replacing them to avoid over-using your washer fluid.

• In extreme summer temperatures, you may have to change the grade of your engine oil. Check your owner's manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle's engine.

• Change your cabin air filter. If you spent much of the winter coughing and sneezing you might want to replace your cabin air filter.

• Clean the interior of your vehicle - Allergens like pollen, as well as bacteria, are just some of the substances that can build up over the winter. Use a disinfectant to wipe down frequently used areas, such as the steering wheel. And, vacuum your seats, carpet and floor mats.