Filmmakers shouldn’t be forced to hire highly paid Toronto police officers when private security could do the job for much less, says mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson.

If elected on Oct. 25, Thomson said she would work to remove red tape, hassles and excessive fees that discourage film and television producers.

Her film policy, unveiled Thursday morning outside city hall, includes making it easier to obtain film permits, as well as criticism of the current paid duty system where officers make $65 an hour to provide security.

“I’ve talked with the Toronto film board, I’ve talked to a lot of people in the film industry, and that’s one thing that seems to be discouraging a lot of people,” Thomson said.

“It’s a cost, it’s an extra cost they have to pay in Toronto. They don’t have to pay it in other cities.

“We want to make this hassle free. It’s the little things that add up and then people say this other city is a little easier to deal with than Toronto.”

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