Police seize $1.3 million in pot plants across from SW high school

«It’s a significant bust in terms of a one-time bust but with the amount of marijuana in the city it’s just a small dent. »


City cops raided a $1.3 million grow op mere steps from a southwest high school yesterday morning, just as students were filing in for class.

Around 8 a.m. Calgary police and the Southern Alberta Marijuana Investigation Team (SAMIT) searched a home at 98 Canova Rd. SW across from Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School, where they seized 1,046 marijuana plants.

Sgt. Steve Kelly of District 8 said the approximate street value of the plants is $1.3 million.

"It’s a significant bust in terms of a one-time bust but with the amount of marijuana in the city it’s just a small dent," Kelly told Metro.

And while the police don’t believe the operation is gang-related, Kelly said it is "definitely" related to organized crime.

"We’re investigating whether or not the homeowner was involved but we believe it was known something was going on."

The house was under investigation for six weeks after an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers tipped police off.

Neighbours and students at the high school were afraid to give their names for fear of possible retaliation, but told Metro there was a lot of suspicious activity in the area.

One neighbour driving by said she wasn’t surprised by the bust but thought it was the house next door.

"It was weird, like nobody lived there because the car in the driveway hasn’t moved for two years. But the neighbours were concerned about cars stopping by," she said.

Two 17-year-old Scarlett Grade 11 students walking by the house told Metro they lived down the street and had no idea it was a drug house.

"I just thought there was an old Asian couple living here. I live down the street and always walk by and just saw them once in awhile doing yard work," one said.

"If it was a drug house selling drugs to kids we would have known it though," the other one added.

Calgary Board of Education spokesperson Ted Flitton wouldn’t comment on the issue saying it is more of a community problem than a school problem.


Krista Sylvester/Metro Calgary


  • Chin Chit Troung, 49, and My Tieu Vong, 43, both of Calgary, were arrested and charged with production of marijuana, possession of marijuana and theft of electricity.

  • More charges are expected as police continue to investigate.

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