For some parents, discussing the birds and the bees with their teenagers is a tough enough subject to broach. Drugs and alcohol may not even be on their radar.

But the City of Edmonton’s latest tool kit for parents to educate their youngsters about these subjects is now available in 12 languages.

The tool kit was developed with the input of front-line community and youth workers as well as parents. It includes information sheets with pictures of what drugs look like, their street names and effects, as well as handouts with suggestions on what to do if you find drugs, how to initiate conversations with youth, and links to further resources and supports Const. Craig Hordal of the Edmonton Police Service said the guide is instrumental for parents looking to have frank discussions with youth, as they are inundated every day with pressures surrounding illegal street drugs in addition to alcohol and tobacco.

“It’s out there, they see it,” Hordal said. “It’s important for us as parents to see it.”

David Sawyer, 17, was present at the city hall unveiling and felt it was important for parents to have the kit so they can be credible when they talk to their youngsters.

“If it’s just a parent speaking, you don’t know how much is based on their opinion,” he said, adding the handouts are helpful in this regard.

The tool kits are available online and through victim services with Edmonton police.