A 40-year-old New Brunswick truck driver is facing a charge of impaired driving after police say the tractor he was driving went off the road on Highway 104 in Brentwood, Colchester County, earlier this week.

Police say the accident happened Monday at about 3:30 p.m., with the 2003 Peterbelt Semi-Tractor leaving the highway between the exits of Brookfield and Stewiakce.

Police say the accident caused extensive damage to several feet of guard rail, with the truck also going through a ditch and about 150 feet of wooded area before coming to a stop.

Sgt. Al Affleck of the Colchester County RCMP said the truck didn’t have a trailer attached to it.

“They had to a cut a lot of trees down to get him out,” he said.

“He didn’t even have a scratch on him (though).”

The truck driver, who is from Fredericton, was released from custody yesterday and is scheduled to go to Truro provincial court on March 3.