What happens when you mix a New Year's celebration, FOX News, and two women who appear to be intoxicated? This video.

During the FOX News "All-American New Year's Eve" of 2013 program broadcasting live from South Beach in Miami, two ladies dressed-to-impress and ready to bring in the new year were seen on camera kissing and cursing and showing signs of intoxication.

Approximately 5 minutes before midnight FOX host Phi Keating stopped a woman walking by and called her a "tall drink of water." He asked her and her friend to give all the viewers at home a special new year's message. She most certainly did.The woman's response: "We've got 5 minutes until 2013, and we're going to f— s— up!"


The reporter let the ladies know FOX is a "family channel" and they should watch their language.

You stay classy, South Beach.

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