With campers set to head out this weekend to enjoy the seemingly endless scorching hot temperatures, Alberta Parks have issued another 18 campsite fire bans across the province.

With last week’s bans by Alberta Parks, there are currently 36 campsites ruled out for open flames.

Spokesperson Chris Bourdeau said the wildfire risk is now rated at extreme and all open fires, including campfires are prohibited from the listed campsites.


“We put the fire ban in place because of the hot and dry weather we have been experiencing for so long. We’re just trying to protect the parks and our visitors from fires, and while it is unfortunate it is necessary too,” Bourdeau told Metro.

The only exceptions to the fire bans are propane heaters or barbecues.

Alberta Parks said the fire ban could change at the drop of a hat depending on the weather but with the mercury set to hit almost 30 degrees Celsius this weekend, the chances of Albertans lighting up is slim.

Camper Barb Sampson said although the fire ban cuts into the enjoyment of her camping trip, she would still go to try and experience the tranquility of camping.

“I really wanted a fire, but I would still go. We all look forward to a good campfire but camping itself is worth the trip,” she said.

list of sites

  • For a complete list of the banned sites or to find out what level the wildfire risk, visit www.albertaparks.ca.

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