Young drivers and new motorists of all ages in Ontario will not be allowed to have any alcohol in their blood whatsoever under new rules that take effect Aug. 1.

Under legislation passed in 2009, Ontario drivers 21 and under will be required to have a zero blood-alcohol count, regardless of what kind of licence they have.

“It is unfortunately young people who are often most at risk if we talk about drinking and driving,” said Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne.

“That’s the stuff that keeps us up at nights, so we want to make sure we put in place rules that are going to keep our kids safe.”

Novice drivers with G1 and G2 licences will also be restricted to a zero blood-alcohol count, regardless of their age.

Drivers breaking the new zero tolerance rules for alcohol will have their licence suspended immediately for 24 hours, and face a further suspension of 30 days plus a fine of up to $500.

A second offence could bring a 90-day suspension, and young drivers could lose their licence if caught with any alcohol in their blood a third time.

There are further sanctions dealing with novice drivers who have too many people in their vehicles or are caught for certain speeding offences.