Denies reports he asked to move shoot out of B.C.

jeff hodson/metro vancouver


Actor David Duchovny speaks with reporters at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver yesterday. Duchovny was doing promotion for the upcoming X-Files movie.

David Duchovny received a lot of flack when he supposedly moved the filming of the X-Files out of Vancouver because he didn’t like the rain, but the actor laughed it off when questioned about it yesterday.

"The whole rain business was newspaper-generated, false, non-existent controversy," he said to a room full of reporters yesterday. "(Vancouver) is my home away from home, no matter what you all want to say about it."

For three weeks last month, the actor was in town filming the new, yet-to-be-titled X-Files movie. He spoke at a press conference along with series creator Chris Carter and screenplay co-writer Frank Spotnitz yesterday to express their gratitude to the city.

"Vancouver was the perfect city for this particular show," said Duchovny.

The X-Files first aired in 1993. It was filmed in Vancouver for its first five years before relocating to Los Angeles.

Carter said that the grey and rain of Vancouver was instrumental in giving the sci-fi series its vibe.

"Vancouver gave the show its original look, which I would call ‘moody,’" he said. "I would say it was a secret to our success."

Details of the movie have been kept secret, but Duchovny said it would pick up six years after where the show left off.

The movie is due out in July and there is a slight possibility that it may premiere in Vancouver.

"We’re trying to do that," said Carter.