Note to all 2008 graduates — forget the mall, and jog on down to your local hardware store for that just-right look for this year’s prom.

Duck brand duct tape is once again sponsoring its annual contest that offers two $3,000 cash university scholarship for the best outfits made with the handyman’s special friend. Online voting will decide the winning couple from 10 finalists.

In 2007, high school students Adrienne Beiler of Salisbury, Pa., and Zac Cupler of Grantsville, Md., outdid more than 180 couples from 43 states and three provinces to be named the winners.


The duo attended the Salisbury-Elk Lick High School prom in formalwear that took them close to a year to make and more than 40 rolls of duct tape to create. And forget drab grey. They used brown, pink, orange, green and yellow duct tape to create a flowery Southern belle dress and traditional suit.

Interested students in Canada and the U.S. can go to www.stuckatprom.comfor official contest rules. The contest starts on March 3 and participants are required to submit an entry form and a photo of themselves wearing their duct tape formalwear and other documents required by the contest rules. All must be received by June 11.

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