Black blouson with asymmetrical opening and cuffed jeans with heart details, Stuff by Hilary Duff.


Bolero with chain and charm closure attached to white cotton T, cuffed jeans with chain, Stuff by Hilary Duff.

Like she doesn’t have enough on her plate.

Hilary Duff, multi-platinum chart-topping recording artist and concert performer, philanthropist, fashion designer, CEO, supportive sister, dutiful daughter, enthusiastic shopper, and star of her own television show, cartoon, and feature films including Material Girls, to be released Aug. 18, is learning to sew.

“I haven’t gotten good at it yet because I haven’t had time,” admitted Duff yesterday, fresh from a fashion magazine shoot where she was fussed over by no less than a dozen young men at the Park Hyatt hotel.

Knitting and crochet, which she does to pass the time on airplanes and tour buses, are another matter.

“I taught myself that and I’ve gotten real good. I made my dog leg warmers. That didn’t take long because they’re so tiny,” she says of her Chihuahua’s legs. “I made my sister a scarf, and now I’m making my boyfriend (Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden) an afghan.”

Duff, 18, rocketed to fame as the title character of the Lizzie McGuire television series. Now, in addition to touring (she performed Wednesday night at the Molson Amphitheatre) she heads her own lifestyle company modelled on the hugely successful mary-kateandashley brand.

A fragrance by Elizabeth Arden, With Love, will be launched this fall, and her ’tween fashion collection, Stuff by Hilary Duff, is due at The Bay and Zellers in September.

“I love going to work and not caring about what I look like, because I am not in front of a camera,” she says of her commercial endeavours. The clothing is created in collaboration with designer Geoffry Gertz.

“We met last September as Hilary was embarking on a European press tour,” says Gertz by phone from New York.

“We hooked up a few times in London, Paris, Milan and Japan. We picked up on the street vibe and went to vintage fairs looking for fabrics, buttons, and trims. We would collect things through the day, then go back to her hotel room and lay it all out on the floor. That’s how we built our inspirational wall.”

That wall spawned a collection that ranges from rock chick to boho cool including black T-shirts with Duff’s portrait, deconstructed tops that are asymmetrically sliced up the front and resewn, and tie-dye tops with swirls of gold glitter and Goth lettering. “I’m really interested in hidden details, oversized zippers, thumbholes in jackets, attached leggings” Duff says. “I think it’s really important to make things special.”

“She wanted a handmade look,” Gertz adds. “Hilary loves shopping vintage, and she responds to anything aged, with a metal finish, anything with a distressed feel.”

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