Haylie carves out career apart from famous sister Hilary

Hilary Duff, left, and her older sister Haylie play wealthy cosmetic heiresses who are forced to cope after losing their fortune in Material Girls, now available on DVD.


They may share a house in Los Angeles, the same last name, singing credits on a cover version of a Go-Go’s song and top billing in their latest film Material Girls, but according to older sister Haylie Duff, the similarities between herself and sister Hilary Duff — for the most part — end there.

That’s probably why Haylie admits that she and younger sibling Hilary, of Lizzie McGuire fame, do argue from time to time, but never about parts, finances or career direction. Outfits, on the other hand, can at times be problematic.

"Sometimes we’ll get dressed and come to the middle of the house to leave to go somewhere and we’ll look at each other and we’re like, oh my god, you’re wearing almost the exact same thing I’m wearing, go change," the older Duff explains.

"But as far as sibling rivalry, we’re so different in terms of our age and the characters that we play and the way we look and what interests us, we never fight over roles or anything like that."

In Material Girls, the Duffs play the Marchetta sisters, wealthy cosmetic heiresses who lose their fortune and are forced to cope minus the lavish lifestyle to which they’re accustomed.

Haylie, who only recently finished a stint on Broadway in the musical Hairspray between shoots for the television show 7th Heaven and several movies slated to open this year, admits that finding her own niche in Hollywood was difficult after her younger sister’s tremendous success on Disney’s hit Lizzie McGuire.

As she points out, her preference for roles in independent films meant that earning the household name recognition which Hilary enjoyed would be that much harder.

"It was different because as hard as I had to struggle to be seen as something other than Hilary’s sister, she had to struggle to be seen as something other than Lizzie Maguire," Duff says. "I think each person has their own personal thing to work themselves out of."

As far as her little sister’s career is concerned, Haylie isn’t overly concerned about Hilary being typecast for playing the popular ‘tween character and for not diversifying her choice of roles early on.

"(Hilary’s) really capable of playing all these roles. It’s hard for people to see you other than a certain thing sometimes which is unfortunate, but it happens to a lot of people. I think there are far worse things than being known as one character."

The Material Girls DVD is in stores now.

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