Ontario is asking for the public’s input on its long-term energy plan, but environmentalists were dismayed yesterday that the Liberal government remained committed to nuclear power.

The Ministry of Energy has posted a 10-question survey online to gather feedback on a 20-year supply plan. It asks, for example, how much wind and solar power should be in the electricity mix and what type of generation should replace coal when it’s phased out in 2014.

“I don’t envision a scenario where we’re going to reduce our nuclear baseload,” said Energy Minister Brad Duguid. “We see it as being a reliable and economical source of power for us.”

Greenpeace Canada complained Duguid was plowing ahead with plans to build two new nuclear reactors and refurbish others even though estimated costs have shot through the roof.

“Despite the fact the cost of their nuclear plan has more than doubled in three years, the minister is saying they’re still going to barrel ahead with that,” said Greenpeace spokesman Shawn-Patrick Stensil. “I wonder if this is just a way to provide an air of consultation and they’ve already made a decision on the directive.”