While investigating a drunk driver, police say they discovered 24 guns and a large grow-op in East Chezzetcook last week.

As of yesterday the RCMP was still searching for the suspect.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin said police got a call that an impaired man threatened someone who was trying to stop him from driving drunk.

“When we arrived at the residence, we were advised there were some unsecured firearms at the residence and that’s when we obtained the search warrant,” Taplin said.

They say they found 24 unsecured guns plus ammunition.

That’s not all they allegedly found.

“A grow-op was discovered on the property as well and that’s when the RCMP/HRP Integrated Drug Section came and they seized the drugs,” Taplin said.

Police obtained a second warrant for the drugs and seized 246 marijuana plants.

The resident of the house, a 52-year-old man, was not there at the time.

Taplin said they are still investigating why they found so many firearms. Taplin also added this was not an organized crime outfit.

Friday seizures
• Nine rifles
• 14 shotguns
• One sawed-off shotgun
• Ammunition
• 246 marijuana plants