With the technology of cameras evolving at such a rapid rate, the art behind photography and photo development is something that has gone by the wayside in recent years.

What happened to the days of cameras with actual film and the hands-on process it took to develop the images imprinted on that film?

If you’re fascinated with photography and film development, the Dunbar Community Centre offers a few courses in analog black and white photography that will likely interest you. They have a darkroom onsite and it’s open to anyone who wants learn about the process of developing pictures.

Sophie Noel, community centre program facilitator, says they offer two courses, one for adults and one for youths.

“Our youth program is called Basic Darkroom Plus for Youths, and it’s all about bringing the old school analog black and white photography to the teens,” she says. “The adult course is basically the same thing but they run on separate nights.”

The youth course will run on Mondays from April 12 to May 17, and the adult class runs on Tuesdays from April 13 to May 18. All you need on your first day is a 35mm SLR camera. A supply list will be handed out and you can pick up those supplies at any camera and film store for approximately $60.

“When you take a class like this, you realize how things work and you get a deep understanding of how pictures come to be, and the options you have with each print,” says Noel.

She adds that the course is a hands-on, fun environment where it’s OK to make mistakes, and that the course is a great way to learn new things, including skills you really can’t get anywhere else.

For the upcoming adult class, just five spaces are available — but according to Noel, an additional class may be added if the interest is there.

The Dunbar Community Centre also offers drop-in sessions in the darkroom. This is for people who have experience but don’t have the equipment or access to darkroom.

For more information on any of the darkroom programs, you can contact Sophie at the Dunbar Community Centre at 604-222-6052, or you can check out their spring brochure.