I Love You, Man
Director: John Hamburg

Most straight males would sooner skinny dip with sharks than admit to a “bromance,” which to them implies weakness or — horrors! — latent homosexuality.

I Love You, Man takes this Freudian courtship to comic extremes with the odd-couple pairing of uptight realtor Peter (Paul Rudd) and his free-ranging pal Sydney (Jason Segel).

Peter realizes he has no close male buddy to be best man for his upcoming wedding to the fetching Zooey (Rashida Jones of TV’s The Office).

A chance meeting with Sydney at an open house for Lou Ferrigno’s L.A. mansion (Hulk jokes, ahoy!) opens a new world for Peter. The duo quickly bond over matters of sex, canine defecation, food and alcohol and Toronto’s own Rush, a.k.a. “The Holy Trinity.” Zooey starts to get jealous, Lord knows why.

It’s a one-joke pony, but director John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) and his screenwriters manage to stretch it to nearly two hours of hilarity and quasi-profundity.

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