Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Director: Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier

This third trip to the Ice Age cooler is a Jurassic Lark. It should delight families with its amusing new dino buddies, even as it risks terrifying tots with its marauding Tyrannosaurus rex.

Family values turn to tribal trauma after woolly mammoths Manny (Ray Romano) and Ellie (Queen Latifah) announce to their prehistoric pack that they’re expecting a bouncing bundle of fur.

Sabre-toothed tiger Diego (Denis Leary) takes this as his cue to go solo, while nutso sloth Sid (John Leguizamo) has the opposite reaction, regretting his childlessness. Trouble ensues when the mother dinosaur comes looking for her brood, leading the crew into an underground world that time forgot — and which palaeontologists must forgive.

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