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Director: Armando Iannucci

“We, the people,” becomes “We, the political weasels” in the backrooms of power in Washington and London, in this relentlessly savage but often very funny political satire by Armando Iannucci, a Scotsman with an Italian name who is known as a comedian and broadcaster over in Blighty.

Based in large part on Iannucci’s BBC series The Thick of It, it proceeds from the popular notion, born of bitter experience, that any politician or civil servant will always choose to do the sneaky thing rather than the right thing.

Despite the efforts of PR manager Judy (Gina McKee) and greenhorn political adviser Toby (Chris Addison), bumbling Brit cabinet minister Simon Foster (Tom Hollander) continues to put his foot in his mouth over an impending Middle East war led by Britain and the U.S.

It makes for a woozy trip across the Atlantic and it could really bum you out, even as it makes you roar with laughter. Will Obama’s “change you can believe in” end this way, too?

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