How to Be
Director: Oliver Irving

Ineptly written and directed by Oliver Irving, this direct-to-DVD comedy has little going for it apart from Robert Pattinson, better known as vampire Edward in the Twilight series. Here he’s saddo Art, a London wannabe singer-songwriter whose lack of musicianship is matched by his poor self-esteem. When his girlfriend dumps him and his parents ignore him, Art finds himself in the midst of a “quarter-life crisis.”

He cashes in an inheritance to hire Canadian self-help guru Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones), who crosses the Pond to live with him and teach him how to “be more normal.”

The rich comic premise is never remotely realized. All of the secondary characters are poorly drawn or entirely loathsome. Yet Pattinson impresses in a difficult role, which makes this a worthwhile rental for any Twilight fan seeking another look at the man behind Edward.

Extras include a director’s commentary, an interview with Pattinson and a making-of featurette.