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DVD Review: The Town

There was no sophomore slump for Ben Affleck.

The Town

There was no sophomore slump for Ben Affleck.

The actor turned director follows his acclaimed helming debut, Gone Baby Gone, with quality pulp about the Charlestown neighbuorhood of his Boston hometown, where bank robbers thrive.

Affleck is Doug MacRay, leader of a brazen band of heisters whose members include loose-cannon pal James (Jeremy Renner), a guy with both pluses and minuses.

They know how to knock off a bank, wearing Halloween masks for combo cover and shock value, but how do they storm the fortress of the heart? Doug gets distracted by the charms of Claire (Rebecca Hall), who begins as a hostage but becomes a very interested party.

Also hot in the hunt is FBI flatfoot Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm) who is tired of Charlestown’s rep as America’s favorite hold-up hood.

The Town is a richly textured picture of strong characters and brisk action, the latter including what may be the year’s best car chase.

Extras include director’s commentary, extended cut, and a featurette called Ben’s Boston, where Affleck reveals the reality behind his tale.

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