Robert Dziekanski’s mother was not given enough help to find her son the day he was Tasered multiple times at Vancouver International Airport, her friend told an inquiry into the death yesterday.

Sofia Cisowski, Dziekanski’s mother, waited hours with Richard Hutchinson at YVR, staring at the glass doors of the international arrivals area. They asked an employee at an information booth what to do, CBC News Online reports.

Repeated attempts for help resulted in being told to wait longer or to go to the immigration office, Hutchinson said at the Braidwood Inquiry.

After several hours an immigration officer told them they had been waiting too long and that Dziekanski was not at the airport. Hutchinson said they were told to go home, which they did.

Later that day, Oct. 14, 2007, an agitated Dziekanski was Tasered by four RCMP officers.

He died shortly after.

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