There will be no catfights on the catwalk, nor any sabotaged dresses at the annual Product Runway fashion and design show happening in Seattle this weekend — just recognition and name building.

A North Vancouver team, E+ Design and Construction, a division of Earl’s Restaurants, has entered the previously American-only competition.

Like an episode out of TV’s Project Runway the E+ team’s mission was to design a clothing garment primarily out of interior design materials.

The five-woman team designed their dress out of two materials, white iridescent three-quarter-inch square tiles and lace mesh backing.

“The theme of the dress is the ‘Enchanted bride,’ we wanted something out there and whimsical, so we expanded on the idea and decided to design a wedding dress,” team leader Tanya Klarich said.

They spent more than 4o hours cutting and pasting the dress together with a hot glue gun “and we’ve got war wounds to show it,” Maria Kim said.

Celebrity guest judges include Jack Makenroth contestant designer from Season 4 of Bravo’s Project Runway and June Rau, director of fashion for Nordstrom.

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