Once a year, the gaming elite gather in Los Angeles for the E3 tech conference. In this mythical land, the big three console manufacturers hold loud press conferences to reveal what they’ve been cooking up all year in their secret labs. Here is what went down:


Both Sony and Microsoft debuted products that sought to capture some of the Wii’s market share. Sony’s foray, for the PS3, is called the “Move” controller. What is it? Well, for lack of a better comparison, it’s a Wiimote. It’s not exactly a Wiimote. It’s, um, black and, um, a bit shorter. Don’t start crying foul yet, however. The “Move” system has some great games attached to it, including “Little Big Planet 2,” “Killzone 3” and a Harry Potter clone called “Sorcery.” It could be a whole lot of fun playing the kinds of hardcore games for which Sony is known, but using the tactile control scheme of the Wii. The system becomes available this September at a cost of $50 per controller.


Microsoft finally unveiled their oft-rumored “Kinect” motion control system. Want to shoot a basketball? Just do the motion. Wanna slice someone with a sword? Hold a paper towel spool and go to town. No controllers are necessary. The system works using a series of cameras that singles out your body and reacts accordingly. Games forthcoming include “Kinect Sports,” an untitled Star Wars game and a really cool high-five simulator. That last one was a joke. The accessory releases for Xbox 360 this November at a price of $150.

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