Crystal Fisher can only hope her new daughter isn’t always this pushy.


Five days overdue and with contractions down to two minutes apart, she and husband Richard Diplock were en route to the IWK Health Centre late last week when the unborn baby determined she just wasn’t going to wait any longer.


“She decided maybe now was the time and that was it,” Crystal chuckled from her hospital bed Friday afternoon after giving birth to a healthy, eight-pound girl about 16 hours earlier in the parking lot of the Enfield RCMP detachment.


The adventure for the Stewiacke-area couple began at about 9 p.m. Thursday when Crystal first began contractions. During the birth of their first child 21 months earlier, her contractions lasted 24 hours and so, based on that experience, she and Richard decided to try to get some rest before heading to the hospital.

It wasn’t long, however, before the contractions progressed and within a span of 10 minutes they had gone from five minutes apart to two minutes.

“But we still thought we had time to get to the hospital,” Crystal said.

Baby determined otherwise, however, and as they neared the Elmsdale exit, Crystal instructed her husband to head for the Enfield RCMP detachment.

With RCMP officers gathering around to assist where they could, local volunteer firefighters and paramedics were also summoned.

And that’s where Enfield firefighter and pharmacist Dale Copp took over.

Knowing the ambulance was on its way, Copp said he felt confident as he “took over the business end of things."

“I certainly was a little nervous and a little excited but the baby delivered normally,” he said.