Zookeeper Mark Bongelli tosses half a dozen crushed plastic bottles across the shaded pavement, around a small recycling box.
Henry, a 9-year-old Abyssinian ground hornbill, bobs out of his wooden crate and excitedly starts to clean up. The swan-sized black-feathered bird hops to a bottle, grips it in his large beak, then tosses it into the blue box.
“It took Henry five minutes to learn this recycling routine,” keeper Bongelli told the crowd at the Toronto Zoo. “But some people still haven’t learned to recycle.”
At events such as a climate rally in Yonge-Dundas Square, a tree planting at Downsview Park and an animal meet-and-greet at the Toronto Zoo, people got together to celebrate Earth Day yesterday.
It’s all part of Earth Week events, which kicked off Friday with 20-Minute Makeovers. Thousands took a break from the afternoon grind to pick up litter from city streets.