As the days start to get shorter and our routines get busier, some of us are realizing that the summer season may have thrown off our health and fitness regimes.


“We deserve to treat our bodies properly with nutritious food, proper supplementation and an exercise program that will help us reach our own personal health and fitness goals,” says Miryah Scott, Canada's two-time World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation champion and ambassador for the Bodylogix active lifestyles system.


Here are three easy tips to help you get back into shape and back on track for the busy fall season:


Healthy snacking


While it's not always easy to get all the nutrients you need from your meals, a nutritious drink can help. Choose a low-calorie beverage such as Bodylogix Protein H20 that contains no fat or sugar and has 10 grams of protein to boost energy, 5 grams of fibre to keep you feeling fuller longer, electrolytes to help hydrate and an assortment of vitamins. Try this as a nutritious alternative to sodas, juices, sports drinks and other beverages at lunch, in the gym or at the office. Also consider packing a piece of fruit or some nuts each day for a quick and easy snack that can help tide you over until mealtime.


Variety in your exercises

One of Miryah Scott's personal fitness tips is to add some variety to your exercises. This can challenge your body in new ways, prevent boredom with your fitness routine and make working out fun. According to Scott, it could be as simple as taking a new exercise class or adding a new playlist to your iPod.

Dress for fitness success

Feeling confident in your attire is an important part of looking and feeling great. Shoppers Drug Mart has you covered in more ways than one with the Stride Everyday black seamless panty. It eliminates panty lines and features built-in technology to absorb light leaks, keeping clothes dry and free of stains, both at the gym and at the office. Style Tip: The slimming effect of this machine-washable seamless panty makes it an everyday essential, whether you're slipping into yoga pants or getting ready for your workday.