Eating in a winter wonderland

Cheese plates and cocktails and cookies, oh my! Make a plan and stick with it this party season.

Holiday parties can be fun, but they're torture for anyone who's trying to lose weight. Mental toughness coach Steve Siebold, who is the author of "Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People," offered Metro some tips on avoiding the dreaded extra poundage that can creep on this holiday season.


Set your intention: "Write down your goals," Siebold says. "The biggest part of sticking to a diet is making the decision. Without that, you will pile the weight back on."

Make a list, check it twice:
"Have a plan before you walk in the door," he advises. "Be prepared for which foods you will eat. Take a long look at the food and ask, 'Is it good for me, or will it harm me?' We get hungry every three or four hours. Plan for that."

Have a snack beforehand:
"Eat something healthy before you go out. Then you won't be so hungry that you eat the bad party food."

Nix the worst culprits:
Cakes, cookies and candies -- take them off your plate. "Avoid anything that is made with refined sugar," he says.


Watch the booze: "If you drink too much, your judgment gets compromised," Siebold cautions. "You start eating all the food you shouldn't. Beer is probably the worst for calories. Have only one or two glasses of wine. Drink water in between. Water is one of the great ways to fill up."

Remember your goals:
"Giving yourself license to step off the diet is a slippery slope," he says. "You eat a little bit of this and before you know it, you're back where you started."

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