Want to eat out without the breaking the bank? Well there’s a new restaurant guide, Cheapeats, that will help you do just that.


Based on recommendation from readers, 15 contributors investigated more than 365 eateries rating places on price, food, cleanliness and style.


Local celebrities’ picks can also be found in the book. Metro’s own Enza Supermodel Anderson’s pick of, Studio Restaurant gets a mention, a long with the picks of Mayor David Miller, Gord Martineau and others.


Cheapeats can be found at all major bookstores.


Bon appétit!

lunch for under $5

If you are looking for a place to get a lunch for under $5, check out these Cheapeats’ recommendations:

  • Banh Mi & Chez Cali

    Location: 318 Spadina Ave.

    Lunch: Get a Banh Mi for $1.50 and free unlimited tea.

  • Yung Sing Pastry

    Location: 22 Baldwin St.

    Lunch: Pick up a couple stuffed buns and other hand foods for $1, with a tea for also $1.

  • Athens Bakery

    Location: 509 Danforth Ave.

    Lunch: Grab a slice of Spanikopita for $2.90 and a pop for $1.34.

  • Akram’s Shoppe

    Location: 191 Baldwin St.

    Lunch: Get a falafel pita for $2 and Saudi Arabian orange and carrot juice for $1.50.

  • Kowloon Seafood Dim Sum

    Location: 5 Baldwin St.

    Lunch: Barbecue Pork on rice with unlimited tea for $3.99